Vincent Michaud


Primary pole : Speech, Text, Public Space, Society


The Ancient Gaelic Harp, By and In the Texts.

University : UBFC

Thesis directors

Margareta Kastberg Sjöblom (Professeur)

Lia Kurst-Wöste ( Bordeaux-Montaigne University)

Specialty : Science of Language

Keywords : harpe gaélique, textes, irlande, musique ancienne


We will use the tool of textometry and discourses analysis to explore the texts of Edward Bunting, central figure of the collecting of the music of the Irish harpers in a period covering 1792-1840. Using our results as a guide, we then will search within the Old and Middle Irish texts to understand how Bunting's information is representative and liable. We last will found a new angle for musical research by practice that would include the epistemology of the sciences of language and culture, and open these new directions to ancient and traditional music in general. 


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