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- Submitted papers may be written in English (UK or USA).

- A 15-line abstract in italics.

- The text must be submitted in A4 format with all four margins set at 2 cm. The text should be justified on the left throughout the manuscript, including the beginning of paragraphs.

- Title: Arial 12, boldface; Authors: Arial 12; Institution and Country: Arial 12.

- Length of manuscript: approximately 30 pages including references, tables and figures; Arial 12, 1.5-spaced. Figures (image format) and Tables must be portrait oriented (vertical layout).

- Number pages on the right hand side on top of page.

- References should follow APA norms.

- Figure number and title are presented under the figure and justified on the left hand side.

- Table number (roman number) and title are presented on top of table and justified on the left hand side.

- Do not use footnote or endnote. The information should be integrated to the text.


Sample presentation of the manuscript

Recuperating the ball in rugby

Daniel Dupont & Stéphanie Smith

University of Franche-Comté, Laboratory GRIF (EA 4625), Besançon, France


Format du texte / Publication format

Style leaf: title, and no more than three levels in addition to title.

1. (justified on the left hand side, bold face, without leaf style)

          1. 1. (indent 1 cm, without leaf style)

                   1. 1. 1. (indent 2 cm, without leaf style)

No automatic numbering after paragraphs.



Dupont, D. (1992). L'organisation du jeu en football. Paris : ACTIO.

Dupont, D., & Donald, B. (1996). A method to analyse attacking moves in soccer. In T. Reilly, J. Bangsbo, & M. Hughes (Eds.), Sciences and Football III (pp. 258-264). Londres : E. & F.N. SPON.

Dupont, D., Smith, S., & Donald, B. (1997). Dynamic-system analysis of opponent relationships in collective actions in soccer. Journal of Sports Sciences, 15, 137-149.

If in doubt, refer to APA, 5th edition.


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